About Us

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About Us

       We are a countryside people who fain to make a mariner' s life model for the next generation to visualize the offering alms to a monk who was on the boat in the river which is flanked by Wat Bampen Nua and Wat Bang Peng Tai since the beginning of the Rattanakosin period, tranqulity of the Khlong Saen Saep which has a long history.

         Therer are activities of the offering alms to a monk on a boat which make the one who believe in Buddhism bring his / her family to come here on weekend to listen to Buddha's teaching watch the Thai play under the cool and pleasant atmosphere which is the countryside people hope. That we want to mirror an expression of life of the mariner, the famers who try to bring grandparents' ancient fleet ships to make a show without thinking of business way.

           We wish only Thai people and foreigners to ger into the temple to listen to the Buddha's teaching that is the profit. We"countryside people"who want to start to tel along story of Saen Saep canal which was canalized by whom and what's about the obstacles.

          To tell the history of Wat Bampen Nua and BagPeng Tai that why both of them are located in the opposite site with each other which is only the canal cross in the front in Thailand.The origin of the novel"The Scar (plae Gao)" which protagonists were Kwan and Riam which is Mai Muang Dem's opus that propagate by film and drama on TV many times.That will be mentioned only when Cherd Songsri brought up to make a film in 1977 which made the revenue recorded of the highest at that time.

          In 1981 this film won the film festival contest which held in Nantes, France, Also in 1998, "The Scar (Plae Gal)" was selected by The National Film and Television Archive of England to be the one of 360 classic films of the world was announced the result in December, 2001.

       However, we will try to simulate alife and tradition of the countryside people who live near the canal and try to make you see the cool and present atmosphere which was same as we run and played in the middle of the farm field before as much as we can.

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